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My name is Kasidit CHARUNPHAISAN. I received the B.Eng degree in Electrical Engineering from Khon Kaen University, Thailand in 2008 and the M.Eng (Electrical Engineering) of my postgraduate study in the field of compressive sampling at the same institute in 2010. In my research study, I proposed new reweighted algorithms for compressive sampling recovery and also applied to MRI images.

  • English Name : Alex
  • Nationality : THAI
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M. Eng. Thesis
Research Interests
  • Compressive Sampling
  • Digital Signal Processing 
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Embedded Systems 

My experience

I have over 5 years of experience in the development of visual programming software and hardware for the educational robot. My latest software is developed by Python, wxPython, and C/C++ called "playbotix Studio" which is blocks-based drag-and-drop programming software for Arduino robots. There are highlight features,
  • Automatic Block Wiring
  • Copy Multiple Blocks
  • Select and Move Multiple Blocks
  • Change Properties for Multiple Blocks
  • Add Function Blocks
For more information about playbotix Studio at

Blocks-based programming helps novice programmers to understand the programming concept faster. If they enjoy coding via blocks-based programming, their chances of learning the text programming languages will increase.

I am also familiar with some programming languages, for example,
  • Python (in the development of playbotix Studio)
  • wxPython (in the development of the GUI of playbotix Studio)
  • C/C++ (in coding for Arduino and robotic projects)
  • Web Programming: HTML, JavaScript (including AJAX and jQuery), PHP, and MySQL
  • Mathematical Programming: Matlab and Scilab (for numerical experiments of my master’s degree research)

In electronic development, I have experience in PCB design (including Arduino) using EAGLE software and assembly with manual soldering.

In mechanical development, I have experience in FreeCAD and CorelDRAW software and using fabrication machines (such as Laser Cutter, CNC, and 3D Printer) to create prototypes of robots.

My Publications


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